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Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Laughing with Nicholas

Every now and then someone calls and makes me laugh. Reminds me again who I am. Nicholas said “Hey you are brilliant….for an idiot” today and I laughed until I nearly fell off my chair. Reminded me of moments with he and Chris…moments of connection, camaraderie, and friendship.


I sat in a tech meeting today with a new team. I think they were all unsure that I was in the right place or would benefit from sitting in the room. I felt good to be accepted after make a couple comments and seeing them realize that I get more than I don’t. Woot!

Happy Hour

If I’m honest I was NOT feeling it about going to Happy Hour tonight. I went because I felt a sense of obligation. But ultimately it was lovely…I saw my friend Jhana, met a couple new people, and caught up with a few other ladies.

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