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Thursday, February 27th, 2014


Today I spent the first of two days away from the office getting a Scrum certification. I have so much to do at the office but am grateful for this couple of days to get my priorities straight again.


Had a great message exchange with Cheryl this morning about fear. Then later in reading theologian Karen Armstrong, I saw the picture of what it looks like to be a captive to my own fear while ridiculing others. There is no need for an enemy and yet we live like that a lot of the time..especially Christians.


I was super anxious this morning about going to the training today. I hate group exercises and I hate meeting large groups of strangers. Walking into the room I thought “Oh great…a room full of alpha males.” Turned out that once I had a cup of coffee and relaxed, I joked with a couple of the guys and built a nice circle of people to work with for the day. I need to learn to trust my own relational skills. 🙂

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