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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Offering Perspective

Had lunch today with a guy I work with who needed to talk through some of his frustration and angst at work. I wasn’t sure I could help but about 5 minutes in I felt my nurturing side kick in. I did what I do best. I listened. Then I listened. Then I asked questions to keep him talking and listened. And then when he was spent from using so many words…I offered what wisdom and advice I could. It was a good conversation. He felt his perspective shift and emailed to say that he knew what he needed to do next. Mentoring is my “thing” and yet since living in Seattle I do so little of it. (Note to Self: Do something about that)


So far this week has kicked my ass. So getting my nails done (mani and pedi) last night felt needful, extravagant, and filled me with gratitude at the care the lovely ladies of Hoa Salon provide me on a regular basis. I nearly wept while having my hands and shoulders massaged. So very grateful!

15 Miles

I considered going to bed. Then I considered just watching tv. Instead I went downstairs and rode the bike. And my body is grateful.

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