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Thursday, January 9th, 2014


I love planning a birthday outing with Lori and Nicole. I don’t know where we’ll end up or if it will be well organized (since I’m spearheading my first “outing” in Seattle)…but I know we’ll have fun because these ladies are the BEST!


This Christmas season was nice but a little hard. I’ve let my tree linger a bit because it makes me feel peaceful to come home to the lit up tree and I’m just now starting to feel ready to take it down. I have come to trust my own needs when it comes to putting it up and I’m grateful for the soul-care that has allowed me to leave it up as long as I need to. Maybe this weekend I’ll be ready…or maybe not. We’ll see.


Over the last couple of weeks I ordered several things…baby gifts, some after holiday sale items, some health essential, and too many books to count. Additionally several of my friends have sent my Christmas gifts late so they are arriving here and there over the course of this week and last. It has been really nice to come home each day to find a box either in the mail or on the porch. I’ve never gotten over being a kid who likes to open things…and I still love the freshness of things even when I already know what’s in the box. Simple pleasures.

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