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Thursday, June 19th, 2014


I am not entirely sure what I’m going to say about Freedom come October to the lovely ladies of Soul Rio in Glorietta. But I know that every single thing I hear these days leads me back to the topic of Freedom. And I know that I genuinely believe in freedom and that I am not completely free.

Walking with Dana

I took a little stroll with my colleague Dana today. It was nice to exchange pleasantries with someone new who I already having a growing respect for. Huge blessing.


Let’s face it. I have a problem with authority. I have the challenge of being able either (a) not follow the leader or (b) follow the leader off the nearest cliff. For instance…I could never get behind following the director I worked for at Gap….my boss’s boss’s boss. I didn’t like him or his vision. He was also creepy. Meanwhile I would literally STILL follow Dr. Shah off the edge of a cliff if he said it was a good idea. In all leader/follower circumstances I have to edge my way into the right relationship…and I never know what it is going to be. As I inch my way OUT of a relationship with my current boss we are finding an interesting mutual respect, honesty, and way of communicating. It’s good. Healthy. Honest. And I’m grateful because he will literally be the shortest time any person has EVER been my boss and the fact that I’m fleeing this role as fast as I can is less about him and more about the bigger picture. So finding a good balance and leaving on good terms is good.

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