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Thursday, March 27th, 2014


I’ve struggled the past few months with feeling anxiety every week in a particular meeting I have to attend. No matter what I (or the organizer) do, I have felt anxious leading up to the meeting. This week I decided that since I can’t BE perfect, I should stop WORRYING about being perfect. I still didn’t enjoy the meeting but at least the anxiety lifted and I was able to relax into the discussion.


I missed book club in order to offer advice to a younger female colleague. I have seen her diminish her role far too long and had enough of it. I did what I could do to let her know that if she doesn’t change the way she talks ABOUT herself, she’ll never change the way that others view her. It was worth missing book club…even if it doesn’t make a difference. I’ve done what I could do.


On days when I go from meeting to meeting with no rhyme or reason to my day, I am so grateful for the silence in my home. And by silence I mean…quiet from everything except perhaps Malcolm and Rose who fight with each other and feel the need to tell me all their important complaints before bed. But those little silences are precious and beautiful.

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