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**Thursday, November 24th, 2016**

Thanksgiving Day!

The ultimate day for gratitude…is the day I realized how far behind I’d fallen on my gratitude journal AGAIN. It is also the day I realized that my lapses are often during times when I’m either to busy to slow down and be grateful or when depression is pressing in.

This time it is the latter. The lapse in my gratitude journal has been because each night trying to think of things to be grateful for feels exhausting. Which is ridiculous given the many many things I have to be grateful for.

However…times are tough. The world is sad. And I’ve been struggling to not sink back into hopelessness.


  1. I’m thankful for this page and the recognition here. The honesty I can share that I’ve been down but am not yet out.
  2. I’m so very grateful for a roof over my head, heat, shoes on my feet, food in my belly, etc. so that I have the luxury of working this shit out in comfort…so many do not have this luxury. So very many.
  3. Thank you Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Amos, and all the other people of grace who remind me to seek joy, grace, love, and hope. Thank you Jesus…for being my friend through it all. Thank you Holy Spirit for your constant ride-alongs. And thank you Divine Creator…for the universe in all it’s splendor and for my place in it. Show me how to honor that please?

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