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Thursday, November 27th, 2014

I wrote this prayer to celebrate the day with a friend…and it sums up exactly how I felt about today:

Thank you, God.
Thank you, Mother
Thank you, Father
Thank you, Jesus…and Buddha…and Mohammed…and Krishna
Thank you, Spiritual Beings and Angels all around

We do not understand all the mysteries that fill the world or even the ones that fill our hearts….but we are grateful for the experience of living.
We cannot comprehend the vastness of this universe or how it came into being…but we are grateful that in all this space there is room for me.
When the rains come and the hurts are hot on their tail, we struggle to find peace…but even in the midst of pain we are grateful for grace and breath
And when the joys are abundant and our hearts our filled with love…we are grateful for moments of being so alive that our skin tingles,our hearts beat faster, and we know the meaning of the word “wonder”

We are grateful for our families
We are grateful for our pets
We are grateful for our homes
We are grateful for full pantries, loaded refrigerators, and grocery stores down the street
We are grateful for our beds, and coffee makers, and cars, and showers, and towels, and pretty pretty shoes
We are just so very grateful for it all because all of it is a gift.

And we thank you God…the creator of the universe, holder of the world, and keeper of gravity…that you care for us.
That you hear us.
That you see us.
That you are benevolent towards us.
That you are good.

In all things…Thank You!

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