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Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

  1. I showed up in my own life today. On a day when I wasn’t sure I could or would given my state of mind. I showed up. The me that I love being. And yes…I was only able to hold her up for a few hours, but I’m so grateful to know I am still me, she is still there, we are still a we.
  2. That nap! 3.5 hours. A nap is not something I do well. But today depression won and I laid down and oh did I sleep. Malcolm on my chest, a blanket on my legs, and Dr. Phil and Ellen jabbering in the background. A nap! The sleep of a broken goddess.
  3. Friends. Every day as my friends come near to prop me up…I am blessed.
  4. I had lunch with a Unicorn. A magic woman unicorn who was one of the first female technical advisors that Jeff B ever gave credence too. I met her and I was grateful.

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