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Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

The other mother

That moment when you tell children that you’ve loved for years that you love them and that they are always welcomed in your home…and they realize that you mean that…regardless of their mother or father and purely on their own merit as loved by you.


Had one last breakfast with Jelisa and the kids this morning and I was so grateful for a little wonder downtown on our last morning. For short lines. Light rain. And yummy food. For this and so much more…Thank you!


The afternoon was spent napping and reading to “recover” from being on the run for the last 4 days. Love those times when you sleep for 30 minutes and it feels like 3 hours

Brian McLaren

Went to The Well tonight to listen to one of my faves talk about finding ways to have a strong Christian identity while learning to be love others from a place of hospitality and shared identify as beloved of God rather than acting from a place of hostility. So grateful for this message and the opportunity.

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