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Tuesday, January 14th, 2014


I have fretted and fretted over a set of requirements for the last few weeks. Searching for a few solitary moments at work to finish this document. This morning I got up early, grabbed coffee, and plopped down in my favorite armchair in the living room and fired off the document in a matter of 3 hours. I’m always so grateful when what feels big to me turns out to be so simple. And I’m always so stunned that I can fabricate fear with nothing to back it up.


I am blessed with some pretty amazing women in my life. Today I had a deeply important conversation via Facebook chat with 3 other women. I exchanged important texts about life with two of my dearest friends. And I received a special gift from a dear female friend. All of these are conversations…life conversations…and for each of these blessed souls I am grateful!

Sue Monk Kidd

My blog post from today does the gushing for Monk-Kidd’s newest book “The Invention of Wings” but I can’t explain how so much of the dialogue in this book spoke to my heart. I read about 230 of the 370 pages today pausing only briefly to get tea or use the restroom. Heartsick that it is over…yet I am going to bed a better me tonight.

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