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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Better Days

The one thing about bad days is that better days generally follow them. Today was a better day. Who knows what will come next at work…but if I take it one day at a time, all should be well.


I have learned to look for small moments. Little spots where the sun is shining. A view that is momentarily gorgeous. A friend that makes you laugh when you least expect it. Today I had a couple of moments and I’m so very grateful to have that insight to see them as they pass through.


Sometimes I think I’ll be 100 years old before I learn the lesson of how to release friends who wish to go with grace and ease. Even recently I find myself laboring over some friendships where I have been hurt, spoken poorly of, and just generally not treated as a friend…and yet I don’t let go easily of those that I’ve called friend. Today I released a person in my heart. I determined that I’d fretted long enough over her and it was time to allow for freedom on both sides. There was no fanfare. This person like won’t even notice as I have chosen to just release it without argument or blame. Grateful for the season of friendship while it lasted.

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