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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Zip It

Every now and and then I find myself trying to hard with someone. Trying to hard to make them my friend or whatever. And I know I’ve been doing that with a particular person. As I thought about it over the weekend I couldn’t quite uncover WHY I am trying so hard but I definitely felt myself withdraw to a safe distance. Today I work I continued this. I vacillated a little and then returned to the safe distance. In time I’ll be able to determine if this friendship is in my best interest. I’m just really really grateful for the ability to stop and wait.

Those moments

I had a moment today where I felt someone else was devaluing me. But I pulled back. Took a breath. Decided to leave it where it is. And I’m so grateful for quiet moments when you can realize that someone else’s devalue is sometimes their issue far more than it is your own.

Summer Night

Spent the evening over wine and snacks with Nic and Zabrina. Two more beautiful souls do not exist and I’m so lucky to call them my friends. Seriously so blessed! 🙂


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