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Tuesday, March 4th, 2014


Wrote a fairytale idea…a business metaphor really…with a dear friend today in the wake of an unfortunate situation with a friend of ours. Those moments of creativity and whimsey calmed me and pulled me back from a dark headspace.


A friend was mistreated today. In the hours that followed my head went into a pretty angry place. Then I spoke to this friend and I was reminded of his gentleness, grace, and integrity. These are among the many things that I admire about him. He then made me laugh. I was able to bear witness to his situation and offer encouragement. And humanity was restored and exchanged.

Lease Signing

Met the husband of the lady who showed me the place and signed the lease. He is my landlord and we spent 15 minutes reviewing the lease and another hour talking technology, Seattle, and life. What a blessing after Mr. and Mrs. CrazyPants that have been my landlords for the last 22 months. The CrazyPantses were crazy from day 1 so I feel MUCH better than Mr. and Mrs. Normalcy were pretty cool and normal from day 1.

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