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Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Humor & Words

Today was a hard day at work. For the most part, I am treated with respect and feel valued for my contributions to my team and company. But every now and then I end up in a room full of dudes…all of whom are mostly interested in being buddies or measuring the length and girth of body parts I don’t have in order to figure out who among them is the alpha. When this happens, the person with lady-parts can quickly become an audience for idiots. That was my day today. The dicks were swinging and I was being cut off, interrupted, and spoken over with complete disregard for my person-hood and expertise.

I am NOT grateful for any of that.

I AM grateful for the ability to use humor to get their attention, to laugh to myself at their childish posturing, and to comfort myself in the face of their disrespect. I am also grateful that I am a woman with words. I was able to speak up for myself in the most important moments and to speak directly to one of my co-workers while he was in the midst of disrespecting me. It reminds me that though they may be momentarily idiotic, they cannot steal my personal power or awesomeness. 🙂

My Guys

On the other side of that craziness is a group of men, so smart…so sweet…so endearing…that I am reminded why I love love love working with men. I was in a room (drinking a beer unsurprisingly) with a couple of them tonight…and thought of the others that weren’t there. These guys are the Seattle versions of all the AMAZING men I’ve worked with over the years and been fortunate to call colleagues and friends (Greg, Brad, Rob, Chad, Safwan, Surender, Venkat, Dean, Tyler, Mark, Peter, Russ, Mattias, Chris, Geno, etc.). I am grateful for Max, John, Rich, Dennis, and Brad. They are good, decent guys who not only trust my intellect and respect me…they LIKE me and I like them right back. Faith in dudes…RESTORED. 😉


I consider it a real treat every single time I get to read the writing of my friends. I’m currently reading a friend’s novel (I could read more each night if I didn’t get up at 5AM!!). I also have the great fortune to get little previews of other friends’ works. I got to read a tidbit of a steamy scene tonight…GOOD stuff! It’s good to be me!

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