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Tuesday, October 13th, 2015


Today I did that magic thing where I can move conversations in particular directions. I didn’t have it in full working condition all day…but in the moments that were working…it was good to feel the flow.


Got to hear Nadia Bolz Webber speak tonight about her new book. It was lovely. She was as engaging and warm and I felt calm…something I don’t feel inside churches these days. When she read her new Beatitudes, my heart was blessed and cracked open a tiny notch. (“Jesus doesn’t consider the healing done until there is restoration of community.” CRACK! Bang! Damn it!)

Battles Unchosen

It is so easy to go to war on social media over areas of disagreement. But tonight…like so many other nights…I’m choosing not to fight with a stranger over our fundamentally different beliefs about God, women, and life on this planet. Because…why? I do not care if my family members have a different theological position than me and feel the need to be dismissive, rude, or condescending. It’s honestly okay. Seriously. It doesn’t even matter and it sure as hell isn’t worth blowing up a sweet young man’s Facebook page over. So I choose peace. And letting my fingers move me right along. 🙂

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