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Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

The getting up part…

I have had a hard time over these past 6 months getting going every morning. My start time getting later and later for no good reason while my depressed ass stayed in bed. But now…now when the alarm goes off I’m eager to get up. The working out. The getting ready. The latte in my hand at the coffee shop. The words pouring out.

Being right…

Sometimes in a meeting I say something and some man says “Leah is exactly right” and I literally want to stand up and say “Did you hear that everyone!?! Leah was right.” This mostly comes from a  place of frustration because it is culturally acceptable to never agree with anyone at A and it can begin to wear a person down. Today in one meeting two particularly contrary dudes said I was right. Fortunately I didn’t stand up. But the other woman in the room smiled back at me because she knew my barely contained sarcasm was right there in my eyes. That exchange of smiles…that I am grateful for. 🙂


It’s my one night for being home this week. And it’s lovely. I watched Dr. Phil…uh…because I can. And I read my book. And I made myself dinner. It was lovely and I’m ever so glad I have a home I love to come home to at the end of a day.

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