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Wednesday, August 12th through Tuesday, August 18th

This last week has run me through the ringer…as they say. I have come out of the other side of it wet, rung, and ready to be hung up to dry. And that is where we are. On the other side. While I can’t make up for the lost week of gratitudes, I can call out the things that stick out to me as I type this tonight:

Emergency Friend Dinner

Had a last minute dinner with Monique to talk through some shit going on in each of our lives. Those dinners can be such lifesavers. Everyone needs last minute dinner friends. 🙂


Counterside dining on Thursday with my favorite lunch pal on Thursday. Yummy food and realizations about my own anger and bitterness leaking out all over myself and others.

Bookclub and Waffle Fries

Let’s be honest…all this working out has me avoiding fries because I don’t want to waste any good sweat on something not worth it. However, the gorgonzola waffle fries at Henry’s while discussing a good book on a Thursday night is TOTALLY worth it! Oh…and did I mention the dirty martini? No…well that’s because it was so good I forgot to mention it. 😉

Working from Home

Spent Friday at home with the cats and my laptop. Why? Well…why not?

MUCH Better

Saturday I did acupuncture, cut/color, and nails. Translation…Saturday I was a princess.

The ONLY Movie Theatre

Sunday I went to see a great movie (Ricki and the Flash) with a few girlfriends at the iPic theatre in Redmond. There is no other theatre that I love so well. I’m spoiled and adore it.


I ran a meeting today that was so damn quirky that it was almost not funny. I mean…talk about some weird fear. Anyway…I was reminded that people are interesting and clever and afraid. And that part of my charm is listening to them and then trying to still push them into action.


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