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Wednesday, August 27th, 2014


Talked to my favorite sniper this morning on the phone. He loves his job. I miss his face. He should be here in November to visit me. Grateful for his safety after all these years of carrying a gun…so grateful.

Meeting Free Wednesday

WTF!? That never happens. Happy happy Leah got to sit at her desk ALL day and get work done!

Told You So

I was treated a bit like I was disposable when I left my last team to join a new team. And wouldn’t you know it…they suddenly NEED me to help them with things they don’t know how to do. And by suddenly I mean pretty much non-stop since I joined the other team. And the mean girl…she needs me…I help her…and I am hopeful that earns me some sort of universal karma brownie points. 🙂

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