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Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

Perfect Pace

Today was a day that went at the most perfect pace for the last day of the year. It isn’t quite over but I am signing off all technology for the remainder and I wanted to get one last lovely round of gratitudes in. So I am first and foremost grateful for the pace of this day. The slow waking. The gym routine. The making of a healthy lunch. The petting of cats. The reading of a book. And the preparing for a ritual and then for a lovely New Years Eve celebration. Pace is important…and so is taking 2 extra long breaths to say “Thank you!”


I was updating a few things on my blog and realized I was probably SOL with regard to a few things related to dates…namely the bookshelf for 2015. When I logged in, I discovered it was already taken care of. So I offer a word of gratitude to the magical creator of this website…who certainly has done his bit when it comes to this site…but who managed to surprise me and bless me on this last day of 2014. Thanks Jon.


I am grateful tonight for faith. Faith in something bigger than myself…a universal spirit that LOVES us. I am grateful for faith in myself…because that hasn’t always been the case for me and I’m glad that I’ve really embraced the beautiful train wreck that is Leah. And I’m grateful for faith in the humanity and love of so many others. I have been blessed with great friends, excess laughter, healing tears, good sex, beautiful shoes, a warm home, funny kitties, paid bills, far more books than one person needs, and just a lot of goodness. And don’t get me started on the chocolate, whiskey, and wine that I’ve experienced this year. Blessing!

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