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Wednesday, February 12th, 2014


My favorite little red headed girl turned 12 today. She is beautiful, funny, and bright. I am grateful for her very soul and am eager to see who she becomes.


My teammates took me out for a birthday lunch today. It was delicious and fun and we talked about lots of things and not just work. I’m a very fortunate girl.


Today was a hard day. I’m away from Sierra on her birthday. I started the day on a conference call with men who believe condescension is a form of appropriate communication. I realized that I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the changes. And ultimately I had a bit of a meltdown in Dennis’ office. I didn’t sob or anything…I just got weepy talking about feeling a bit at loose ends lately. And this man…the one who 8 months ago I seriously couldn’t figure out…he was so very warm, not judgmental, and encouraging. It breaks my heart that he’s not my boss still…but I’m so very grateful that he is my friend.

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