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Wednesday, February 19th, 2014


Woke up rested despite a night of crazy dreams and some tossing/turning.

Shared Anxiety

I’d rather not feel anxious. And I’d MUCH rather not have my best friend feel anxious. Yet today both of us struggled with anxiety and going back to the routine after 4+ days together. While I don’t like the anxiety part of this…I am grateful that she and I have such comfort and love that we feel such relaxation with one another and that we can relate to the others anxiety upon returning to regular life. I’m also so grateful for the ability for she and I to share our fears and to also encourage one another to never ever settle for less than what is right, good, and best.

Sweet Honey in the Rock

Went to hear these amazingly talented and lovely ladies with my friend Carol tonight. What a blessing to be with a friend. And what a blessing to be uplifted by the songs and talent of these wonderful ladies. So grateful!


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