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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I am not a hugger…at least not at work. And yet there are a couple people that I always feel better after I hug. This morning I got to walk in with one of these friends and his hug…despite his own issues at work…made my day. Grateful for friendship that grows out of work partnerships and go deeper than expected.

Happy Hour

Good drinks and catching up with my sweet friend Marilyn today. So grateful for her friendship, wisdom, and the ability to laugh together. And those fries weren’t bad either! 🙂


Hopped on the exercise bike tonight for an hour and watched an episode of The Americans. When I lost a bunch of weight before part of my nightly routine was riding a stationary bike while watching The Gilmore Girls. If I can just find a show that I want to watch all the episodes of then I should be set for a a few weeks at least. I’ll go to bed tonight feeling like I got in some good time on the bike.

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