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Wednesday, January 7th, 2015


Met with a new acupuncturist today and he was a genuinely lovely man. He was thorough in talking to me and I sense his strong desire to help. The needles in my belly were weird but I trusted him enough to roll with it. Today I’ve felt a little bit off…and I have been thinking it has to do with the amount of energy he moved around in my body…and I’m exhausted but hopeful that this will be a huge blessing.

Jane of All Trades

Today I practiced my gift of doing lots of different things…some of which are not necessarily my job. I often think that by definition, I am not truly an Amazon Product Manager. But what I am doesn’t really have a name at Amazon so I’ll just keeping being a PM. Grateful for the room to do a little of all that I’m good at and to make an impact for good.

Putting up a Fort

A giant white board was delivered today to our work area. The other woman on the team and I used a huge piece of cardboard to build a pretend fort between us and the men and write “No Boyz Allowed” on the other side. That made me laugh…and I do so love to laugh!


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