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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

No Tweety Birds

My alarm clock each morning is birds chirping. For the last several days I have gotten to get up without the chirping. No alarm. No need to wake up at a certain time. Glorious!!

Early Bird

Even without the alarm I have been up at a pretty reasonable hour each day of vacation…but especially today. I was up with the sun and ready to get to work in the courtyard outside. I’ve ignored the courtyard thinking that I’d work on it after the workers finished the balcony…but instead, I’m sick of waiting for these guys (who by the way apparently NEVER work) to finish the job.

The Worms

I raked, bagged, weeded, planted, and cleaned the courtyard. I also went to my least favorite store in the world…Home Depot…TWICE. But all in all I would say it was a successful day! There are lots of flowers and lots of beautiful birds, bees, bugs, and worms to watch now that everything is clean, blooming, and ready to enjoy.

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