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Wednesday, March 19th, 2014


Had a really interesting conversation today with a guy who runs a cool product at Amazon. I’m into new opportunities and pushing myself a bit outside the box.

Pushing Through

Let’s face it…I’m a person who finds flakiness in others annoying. When you combine this trait with organizing a meet up group, you can create opportunities to get pissed off an annoyed. And that is kind of how I was feeling as over half of the ladies who signed up for Happy Hour tonight cancelled within the last 30 minutes to 3 hours. But…instead of staying annoyed, I stopped, took a few long breaths and decided that it wasn’t personal and their flakiness was their own issue not mine. (Mine of course is being a little too rigid when it comes to keeping commitments). I’m grateful for moments when grace is extended to me (and my shitty attitude) so that I can extend grace to others.

Joyful Hour

Forget happy. It was joyful to sit with this group of 5 other women tonight and just talk about life, work, family, and where to get really great cocktails. 🙂 I didn’t need 14 people…I had 5 that I really really like. 🙂

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