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Wednesday, March 26th, 2014


I’m grateful for Dennis. Until recently he has been my boss at Amazon. He brought me here…convinced me is more accurate. He has kept me here at times when I would have started taping the boxes and throwing stuff in. He has offered to help me find a place to go when those conversations got VERY serious. And he has been my friend. Today we had lunch and then with a different group dinner to celebrate his 40th Birthday. I’m grateful to be included and so glad to be friends with he and his wife Jenny.

Steady Feet

I attended a meeting today where I continued to stand firm on old worn out ground. I am not routinely stubborn but in this case I know I’m right. And while I’ve relented and let others make mistakes, each time we return to this territory (territory that I’m familiar with from days LONG before my relationship with Amazon), I feel my toes dig into the earth and take a wide posture. While I am not likely to win this battle any more than any other on this topic I’ve fought here before…I’m grateful for the tenacity to stand firm on what is right for a customer.

Mushroom Soup

For the record, the mushroom soup at Percy & Co is spectacular.  That is all.

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