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Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Bad Guy

I have always excelled at being the truth teller on my teams. Lately I’ve just let other people who like control have all the hard conversations. Until today when I realized that a coworker (and not one that I’m particularly close to) was struggling and when I asked he said “I’m just so tired of arguing with these people.” When I said “Let me be the bad guy today” he was so relieved that I made it my mission to take everyone on who messed with him or our team all day.

4 Minutes

Everyone was having a hissy fit about a topic today. I said I’d handle it. I made one phone call, explained the problem, and 4 minutes later I was off the phone and unconcerned. JUST MAKE THE CALL people…paragraphs and paragraphs via email do not help!

Dinner with my Favorite Hooper

I had dinner tonight with Sarah and her friend. We drank beer and ate grilled cheese and I was reminded what it is like to be a young woman just getting your feet under you in your career. It is a beautiful thing!!

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