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Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Grey Skies

Yup…I’m doing it. I’m finding a way to be grateful for them. For their quiet stillness and their ability to hush the people of this city for just a little while. For the wash of them and the way they change. I don’t pretend that I’ll ever love grey skies like I love blue ones…but I can find in them their beauty and be grateful.


My ability to ask for help is very limited. Tonight, out of pure frustration I reached out and was met with care and understanding by many. I also tend to get upset with flakiness. Tonight I tried…mostly successfully…to roll with the lives of others. I’m learning. Slowly but surely I’m learning to lean into my calmer self.


I sat at a table tonight with 3 amazing women…Jhana, Carol, and Catherine…and we dolled out opinions and advice and love to one another in abundance. There are women in the world who cannot endure this kind of exchange. And then there is this group. For whom sharing ideas and advice flows like water and air. What a blessing friendship with strong women can be.

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