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Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

All the Words

Suddenly over the past two or three days, I’ve begun to be able to describe what we are building in fairly succinct terms. It takes a while for me to usually get to a 3 minute pitch on something pretty large like this platform. Yesterday I heard myself doing it and thought “awwww yes…all the words have finally shown up!”

Mistral with Friends…New and Old

Last night at the last minute I got an invite to grab a drink with Max, Kai, and Stine. Max is my friend. The others I’d only really heard about or been in emails. I was reminded that despite my current dark feelings about some elements of what I do, there are lovely people of the light mixed into my days. So grateful for those lovelies.

Painting with Girlfriends

Did a paint and sip night at a bar in the U District. It was so much fun…as always. I’m so grateful for Chrystal and Jeanne always making things fun! xoxo

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