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November 1: Goals for this month

Prompt: What are your goals for this month?

November is always this month of gratitude and transition. We are moving into the holidays but not quite there yet. The twinkly lights will be on soon and we will start to ease into time with family and friends. But November is sort of the year’s last big stand. One more push. So this month I want to: get my budget done, sign up for my spring classes, start exercising 3 to 5 days a week again, prioritize my routine and bedtimes, and build a gameplan for next year.

These things will make me feel that I’m not walking unprepared into the next season of my year and life. I want to make time to prioritize my own needs and to focus on what I need for myself in order to continue to serve others. I have an incredibly high capacity to do so much and I want to find pockets of time for creativity. (Claire is back in my head and demanding a voice…what terrible and perfect timing!)


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