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November 2: Sharing

Prompt: What don’t you share?

Let’s see…I’m the baby of the family and therefore did not have to learn sharing quite the same way that the others did. But I am also a pretty open book and I am hard-pressed to think of areas of my life that aren’t open to most. I have become more careful over the past two years as I’ve felt a need to pull back a bit. Perhaps I’m more careful because I’m the boss. Maybe it is because I’m surrounded by Swedes who are overly closed off. Also, several experiences necessitate that I’m more careful and suspicious of the motives of others now than I used to be.

Here’s a quick list of things I don’t share:

  • toothbrushes
  • towels
  • ice cream
  • pillow
  • secrets that others tell me
  • my fears
  • passwords
  • my time with anyone I don’t want to be with
  • my real thoughts with those who don’t care
  • apples


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