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November 4: Where am I?

Prompt: Describe where you are now?

Where am I you ask?

Well, I am in the chair that has become my favorite place to sit in the whole world. I have a cup of hot coffee in my hand and big orange kitty on my lap. This is our morning ritual. Where I read for school, listen to marco polos from my friends, and do my quiet time before going to work. I meditate. Read. And contemplate the day long before I ever lay eyes on anyone on my team. I plan my morning so that I get a full hour sitting here.

I am also in Berlin. The city that I know I love even when I’m not sure or don’t feel so connected to it. A city of color and fresh paint and grey skies and old buildings. This is one of the most alive places I’ve ever lived. It has it’s only life and personality…like many describe New York City. It is diverse and it has become the city I will call home for at least a few more years.

And I am in the middle of change. And some days that feels like a place. I am working on some personal changes. In my health. In my mind. In my routines. In my schedule. In my attitude.

So where am I? I am everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.

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