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November 5th: An impossible dream

Prompt: A dream that seems impossible

Two things popped immediately into my mind when I read this prompt.

  1. Chief People Officer at the Gates Foundation (what? who knew I dream of that? not even me)
  2. The WW plan: Work 6 months / Whidbey 6 months. The working would be growth stage start ups that need product vision and functional operating models/org plans. Then Whidbey would be exactly what it sounds like. Tiny house on the island, garden, and lots of wine tasting

Those two dreams are seemingly incompatible but I like them both. Maybe I could do one for a few years and then the other. Afterall, I have 20 to 25  years of worklife left in me. What I know for sure is that I’m taking steps towards both of these ideas…which is what I remind myself when I get up early to do homework every morning. 😉


  1. Monique Walker

    I love this. I think these dreams are super real and I would love to see you hit these exact goals!!!! Love you!

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