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November 7th: The Good

Prompt: What good are you doing?

Thanks for the morning judgement writing prompt. 🙂

Truth is, I ask myself this every day. I value doing good and adding to lives instead of being a drain on people or a downer. I find that I’m at my best when what I’m doing brings people closer to their goals and helps them make progress. I can be a hard-ass about certain things and I’m pretty judgemental about what I believe is bad behavior, laziness, or lack of insight.

That being said, I believe that my ability to focus on people and making them feel seen and heard is some of the good I bring to the world. I do this for my friends, my employees, and hopefully my peers. I am able to turn down the noise in my brain and put down the list of to-dos and engage. And when I do that, moments become magical and good is done.

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