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November 8th: My People

Prompt: The people who make your life better

It is interesting that this is the prompt this morning. I have been thinking while getting ready today about “first teams”. The concept here is that every leader is part of two teams: the team they lead and the team they are a member of. The first team approach says that the leader should focus on the team they are a part of more than the team they lead.

In this regard I have struggled at my current job. The truth is I’ve not felt like part of a team and have instead focused on the team I lead. My team likely wishes I would focus somewhere else sometimes…but that hasn’t been the case.

The exception to this is the “first team” that a group of us sort of created together. It starts with my former engineering partner, includes a hodgepodge of people from other teams, to form a group of leaders that care deeply about one another, about to teams, and about our office. Recently I stopped sitting in the same office as my “first team” and I feel the impact daily. These are the people who make my life better…daily. 🙂

I feel a sense of distance and separation…much like I felt when one of the Senior product leaders left the company in 2018 and my previous first team sort of fell apart…really never to be put back together. This time it is temporary and the team still exists virtually. But it is strange how proximity and interaction matter so much to me and to what we do.

Now I wonder if the leaders on my teams have this same issue. They are more focused on the teams they lead rather than the team they are on. Do they have people who make their life better? Or do they also create their own first team within the first team?

Lots to think about…

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  1. Sanchit

    Interesting! I read about it for the first time in “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni earlier this year 🙂

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