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Be present…

Stop for a moment and say: Today I feel good. Right now, I feel good. My life is amazing, and I am happy. Right now, in this moment, there is no missing part of me. There is nothing missing.
― Jennifer Pastiloff

As I’ve been reading Jennifer’s book, I’m realizing that the thing I’ve stopped doing these past months is living in the present moment. I’m so far in the future or so lost in the past, that I’m not making decisions today about today. It has been impactful to my joy. It has harmed my body. It has caused me to miss entire chunks of time.

I can be present with and for another. But I’ve been missing my chances to be present for myself.

That changes today.

Today I start looking for the sacred moments. And then I will work to share them. Little snippets of the sacred, the holy, and the real that are happening RIGHT NOW.


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