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Breathe…In and Out

Is it possible that, with each inhalation, we take in the world and awaken our soul? And with each exhalation, do we free ourselves of this world, which inevitably entangles us? Is this how we fill up and empty a hundred times a day, always seeking the gift of two breaths? Perhaps this is the work of being.

I am trying to be present more of my days. I am trying to stay here. Now. Today. And it is not what I’m good at…but I want to learn.

My job as a product manager is to look at human behavior and then build things into the future that will help solve real human problems. So I spend a great deal of time looking forward.

My nature as a writer is to think back over what has happened, what the impact has been, and what I’ve learned. I always want to convey my history and the history of others with a lens on learning and curiosity about life and humanity.

But both of those things can keep me from “the work of being”. So I take breaths. I breathe in. I breathe out. I am here and I want so much to lean into the current moment. The current joy. The current sadness. Feel the feelings I am actually having instead of the ones I want to have or the ones I have already had.

So here I am…just trying to breathe.

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