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“But if the world is watching…” RIP Rachel Held Evans


There is so much to say and yet there are no words. Rachel’s life was one of faith and questions and more faith. She beckoned to those of us who had left and were done with this life…this Church. She looked at us and called to us to come back. Just give it one more chance. To remember that it is made of humans. And humans are so so messy.

Rachel told the truth. She didn’t flinch even when she likely wanted to. She was judged non stop by all sides of the camp and she persisted. She believed in the mess and she held ground after others left the fight. She did so because she loves God and she loves people. Present tense. Loves.

May she find rest that is peaceful. And rising that is glorious. Because isn’t that what it is? Healing and reconciliation. First death. Then resurrection.


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