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Day 1: White Privilege

White privilege describes the unearned advantage that are granted because of one’s whiteness or ability to “pass” as white.

As I consider my own white privilege, I am challenged by the fact that I have over time equated my life’s difficulties (sexual abuse, religious abuse, the inequalities for women in tech) with my defensiveness against white privilege. In recent years I’m much more aware of this tendency towards wanting to exclude myself from the word privilege…and yet…here I am walking around in this white body as a white lady with a culture that mirrors and holds me up.

My commitment is to not defend. My commitment is a confession that this privilege doesn’t make my life immune to the difficulties of being human…but that I want it to. My commitment is to recognize the privilege of my skin and my education and my opportunities and my history gave me an unearned advantage.

Unearned. But acknowledged.

Unearned. But recognized.

Unearned. And unjust.

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