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Day 17: Tokenism

Being in a relationship with a BIPOC or having a biracial or multiracial child does not absolve a person with white privilege from the practice of antiracism.

I have had the good fortune to have a lifetime filled with friends from all walks of life, races, cultures, religions, etc. This has been one of the unique privileges of living in so many places that has blessed me. However, I now recognize the times when I have leaned on those relationships in order to deny or ignore my own privilege. When instead, those relationships should have made my being a friend and ally so much more essential. Should have made me more able to be open, transparent, and honest about my own flawed and biased thinking.

I see it now. I really do. I am still so very grateful…more grateful because of their long-suffering and patience with my stupidity…for my friends and family.


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