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Day 2: White Fragility

If you understanding of racism and white supremacy does not include a historical and modern-day contextual understanding of colonization, oppression, discrimination, neglect, and marginalization at the systemic level and not just the individual level, then you are going to struggle when it comes to conversations about race.

I don’t view myself as fragile. In my life I go pretty directly into most situations. I’m a communicator, a truth teller, and person who tends to speak up.

And yet…a few months ago when the heat got too hot on a couple of black women influencers social media accounts, I left. I walked away. I told myself it didn’t matter because no one knew. But I knew. I knew I had acted cowardly. I knew I had felt the sting of some of the education. I knew I was tired of the conversation AND I had the luxury of being “tired” of it.

So..yes to my white fragility being real. And also yes to my going back in for more conversation and a willingness to sit still, listen, and be educated.

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