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Day 20: Called Out/Called In

So when we talk about being called out or called in, a common reaction by people with white privilege is to focus on their intention rather than their impact to BIPOC.

This resonates. I mentioned earlier that last year I stopped following a woman of color on instagram because it felt like there was “no way to win” being white and trying to help. I grew tired of her “call out” culture and felt like it was only a matter of time before I inadvertantly said or did something that put me in the hot seat.

Even as I write this, I realize how much I deserved to be called out then. Now.

I regularly talk about impact with my teams when building software. How do we do high impact work. How do we measure the impact of our choices. How do we choose our priorities based on impact.

The same is true for this work. I need to stop thinking about intention and instead think about impact. And I need to toughen the hell up. If I do something that needs calling out or calling in, I should be grateful that someone took the time to call at all. It is not my right to have the lesson. But I will be grateful rather than defensive.

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