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Day 22: White Feminism

White feminism is an extension of white supremacy

This is likely the chapter that has been the hardest for me. So much of my life and career have been a fight for equality for women in a professional world dominated by men of all colors and cultural backgrounds. I fully admit that I have not regularly or often enough called out the gaps in pay and treatment of black, indigenous, and women of color (BIWOC). I struggle with this because I believe that globally women are the most hated sub group of humans…even over most other groups.

This is an area that I will have to continue to work on…to push myself to be more focused on where my privilege blinds me to the ways that I am showing up on behalf of only white women and not women at large. I know this is a problem area because of my deep resistance and feelings of defensiveness.

I commit to continue working on this and to being a better ally in the realm of feminism.

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