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Day 4: White Silence

Now understand that no matter who you are, no matter what level of power, influence, or authority you hold, your voice is needed. Not as a white savior, but as someone who recognizes that their privilege can be a weapon used against white supremacy. Your silence is a loud message that you side with white supremacy.

Fear has motivated my silence more often that not. Not fear of being harmed or even judged. Fear of saying the wrong thing specifically because I didn’t want to offend or say something without understanding how it might be heard through different filters.

But even as I type that, it is such a huge fucking cop out. It speaks to my past fragility. It speaks to my desire to only hear the tone I want…therefore tone policing. It speaks to my privilege that says I only want to hear things in a way that works for me…and makes me comfortable.

Silence is NOT an option. I have been tough on this before and I would NEVER tolerate it with my friends of color around so I must NEVER tolerate it again. Period. End of story.

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