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Day 5: White Superiority

It is a deeply hidden, unconscious aspect of white supremacy that is hardly ever spoken about but practiced in daily life without ever thinking about it.

I hate the idea that there are beliefs embedded in my mind that make me believe that I am superior. The truth is, I know it’s there. I know that it must be there. That it has shown up in my younger years as a savior mentality. It has shown up in the ways that I’ve talked about people who I’ve worked with and for in the projects. It has shown up in my belief that somehow I am just better than others because I was born with this brain…when the fact is I had the privilege of exercising this brain in safe spaces and learning how to use it to some degree because of my whiteness.

I have to really dig into my heart to find these pockets of truth. To be more honest about myself. To be less judgemental of other people…particularly BIPOC. Until I face it, I will never be able to weed it out.

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