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Day 6: White Exceptionalism

You are not an exceptional white person, meaning you are not exempt from the conditioning of white supremacy, from the benefits of white privilege, and from the responsibility to keep doing this work for the rest of your life.

This work.

This work is real. It is life long. It is something I have to commit to because my heart wants to slide back into a belief that I’m different. That I’m good. That I am an exception.

I have felt that as I’ve worked through this book and thought “Oh good, I don’t have any examples of that.” What a load of shit. I also recognize my beliefs about my own exceptionalism in that I have actively hoped that if I do more reading and get more educated that somehow I will have “done the work” and will be able to move forward as exceptional.

Like they are handing out badges or something? I’ve heard recently someone say “Oh so you are doing the work you should do to be antiracist…great. What do you want a cookie?”

Exactly. I can admit that I DO want a cookie. And I can commit to the fact that I will work my ass off to stop wanting the cookie.

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