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Fished from the Rubble

It’s called having friends, choosing each other, getting found, being fished out of the rubble. It blows you away, how this wonderful event happened–me in your life, you in mine. Two parts fit together. This hadn’t occurred all that often,but not it does, it’s the wildest experience. It could almost make a believer out of you. Of course, life will randomly go to hell every so often, too. Cold winds arrive and prick you; the rain falls down your neck; darkness comes. But now there are two of you. Holy Moly.


I have been fished out of the rubble more times than I can count by my friends.

photoPeople need friends. It’s mission critical…if you have a mission that is. My mission is critical and my friends have been, are, and will always be critical to the mission.

This has meant some tough choices about removing emotional vampires who need me but who I don’t need. It has meant walking away when things are too toxic to be beneficial for either party. It has meant being more cautious, more careful, and more committed to people who fit together. My puzzle pieces.

And what a glorious glorious puzzle it is.

There are two of us. Or three. Or twenty…HOLY MOLY!

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