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If we humans start playing God and judging good and evil, how long will it take before we say this person or this tribe is good and deserves to live, but that person or tribe is evil and deserves to die, or become our slaves? How long will it take before we judge this species of animal is good and deserves to survive, but that one is worthless and can be driven to extinction? How long until we judge this land is good and deserves to be preserved, but that river is without value and can be plundered, polluted, or poisoned?

Lord…If this doesn’t hit home this week, I don’t know what does?

We live in a world where people use the name of God to justify murdering others. We live in a world where people say that God agrees with their hatred of people who are different than they are. We live in world where some think it is okay to hurt the planet because there will be a great rescue by Jesus or total destruction by an asteroid or whatever other reason gives them the right to do damage. We live in a world where people will claim to be peacemakers who are concerned for other countries and drop bombs…all on the very same day.

It’s too much. But it’s living and being human on planet earth. It’s not new. It’s just more high tech. Not a new bad idea among the lot of us that hasn’t been based on greed, pride, envy, or just plain bad judgement. Nothing new under the sun said Solomon…wise words O King…wise words.

So what’s to be done?

and maybe a little (or a lot) more love.

If we could all (including me) stop for a moment and realize that we are ONE. We are made from the same stardust. The same spirit. We are ALL image bearers of God. We are all joined by the universal energy and the need for oxygen, water, warmth, food, etc. We are the same. Maybe…if we could stop seeing difference first…maybe then we could extend love. I for one am trying to remember that each person I meet has a story that I don’t know…and to extend them grace.

I can start with myself. Today I will act like God’s so-loved…and treat others as God’s so-loved. It may not be much…but for me it is everything.


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