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Staying in Day 1…

Staying in Day 1 requires you to experiment patiently, accept failures, plant seeds, protect saplings, and double down when you see customer delight. A customer-obsessed culture best creates the conditions where all of that can happen. –Jeff Bezos

At Amazon, every day is Day 1.

This is why you can try something, fail, and not get fired. Some failures even result in promotion because of the value of the learnings and ability to apply it elsewhere. Every day is Day 1 because there is always something more than customers want…even when they don’t know it.

With Leah, every day is Day 1.

This is the philosophy I’m trying to adopt in my day to day life. I’ve learned so much from the experiment of living for 41 years. And still…there is just so much to learn.

Each day I am more curious than the last about what it will take to bring me significant joy, be the best version of my self, and get the message of my life out into the world. Each day is Day 1 because from moment to moment, week to week, and day to day I am discovering new things that fulfill me and leaving behind old things that don’t serve me.

Every day is Day 1 in my life because at a cellular level I’m different today than I was yesterday. Hell, I’m entirely remade at the atomic level from who I was a year ago. God’s mercies are new every morning and so is my body, my mind, and my spirit.

Does that mean I leave behind the lessons, or ignore the past of what has happened to me? Hell no!

Amazon takes every single thing into it’s Day 1 philosophy that was learned yesterday. Keep the good. Move on from the bad. Give the people what they want, need, desire, or didn’t even know they wanted.

Me too.

I’m keeping what helps. Letting go of what doesn’t. And chasing what I want, need, desire, and sometimes don’t even know that I want until I find myself in it. Grateful for Day 1 because it’s always Day 1!

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